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Your Malta Medical Tourism Experience: What to Expect

Luxury Medical Tourism: Our London-Malta Service

What to Expect

Dr. Foued Hamza and his team have designed their London-Malta medical tourism service with patient safety, comfort, and satisfaction as the top priorities. We have gone to great lengths to create the ultimate medical tourism experience: one that allows patients to benefit from the expertise of esteemed cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Hamza, as well as enjoy the financial advantages of traveling to Malta for plastic surgery.

What Is Our London-Malta Medical Tourism Service?

Patients who choose our London-Malta medical tourism option for their cosmetic surgery will be under the care of Dr. Hamza at every step of the treatment process. Dr. Hamza is considered a leading authority in cosmetic surgery and is licensed in both England and Malta.

With our medical tourism service, patients will receive pre- and post-operative care in London and travel to Malta for their cosmetic procedure. Here, we have provided details about how our Malta medical tourism service works. You are also welcome to reach out to our office to speak with a member of our knowledgeable team who can answer any questions you may have.

The First Step: Pre-Op Consult in London

The first step of our Malta medical tourism treatment process is a consultation with Dr. Hamza. You can contact our office to arrange an online consultation or schedule an in-person appointment at Dr. Hamza’s office in Harley Street in Central London.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Hamza will learn about your motivations and expectations for cosmetic surgery. He will also assess the proposed treatment area(s) and review your medical history, so he can identify the safest, most effective treatment approach for you.

Dr. Hamza will then explain the specifics of your treatment plan, including pre- and post-operative requirements. Any questions or concerns you may have will also be addressed.

The Second Step: Cosmetic Surgery in Malta

Patients can expect to stay in Malta for four days. During this time, Dr. Hamza will perform the patient’s procedure(s) as discussed at their consultation appointment in London. The patient will spend the remainder of their stay in Malta recovering until cleared to travel home for the duration of the healing process.

The Third Step: Post-Op Consultation in London

Your post-operative consultation will take place at Dr. Hamza’s office in Harley Street in Central London. At this appointment, he will examine the treatment site, so he can assess how the healing process is progressing. He can then provide a timeline for your return to your full normal routine.

If you would like more information about our London-Malta medical tourism service, we encourage you to contact our office. You can also connect with us to take the first step of your ultimate medical tourism experience by arranging an online consultation or an initial appointment at Dr. Hamza’s London clinic.

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