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Luxury Medical Tourism: Our London-Malta Service

Safety & Quality

Dr. Foued Hamza and his team invite you to discover the quintessence of elegance and safety in plastic surgery with our unique London-Malta service. Experience the luxury of personalised consultations and follow-up care in London by the same renowned surgeon who will expertly perform your procedure in the serene setting of Malta. Embrace the blend of top-tier medical expertise, discreet care, and cost-effective solutions, all while ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality.

Dr. Hamza is one of Europe’s leading cosmetic surgeons. His ability to combine cutting-edge surgical techniques and state-of-the-art technology with an unmatched artistic sensibility translates to exceptional, natural-looking aesthetic improvements his patients can enjoy for many years.

Body Contouring Procedures

Dr. Hamza is a body sculpting specialist known for his expertise in surgical techniques that tighten, trim, lift, and define to create shapelier body contours. Our menu of medical tourism treatments in Malta includes the following body contouring procedures:

Breast Procedures

Dr. Hamza has the training and experience to transform a woman’s breast profile to achieve her unique aesthetic goals. Breast procedures available through our London-Malta medical tourism service include:

Face Procedures

Dr. Hamza’s cosmetic surgery expertise extends to facial rejuvenation. He frequently performs a type of facelift known as a “ponytail lift” for qualified patients through his London-Malta medical tourism service.

Ponytail Lift

This minimally-invasive facelift technique minimises the appearance of post-treatment marks while still noticeably tightening and lifting facial tissue. With a ponytail lift, Dr. Hamza makes small, discreet incisions behind the hairline and uses sutures to reposition tissue, so patients can enjoy a more youthful, refreshed look.

To explore your treatment options and learn more about the benefits of our London-Malta luxury medical tourism service, contact our practice. We are happy to provide additional information and/or arrange an in-person or online consultation.

Dr. Hamza is a respected advocate of patient education and safety, and he conducts exceptionally thorough consultations with his patients to ensure their treatment plan accommodates their medical needs, as well as accomplishes their cosmetic goals.

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