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Luxury Medical Tourism: Our London-Malta Service

Dr. Hamza’s medical tourism services in London and Malta

Dr. Hamza, a Cosmetic Surgeon in London, blends the art and science of aesthetics. Our practice is committed to a personalized and patient-centric approach. We believe in truly understanding our patient’s unique desires and concerns, ensuring that every individual’s journey is as special as their transformation.

What sets us apart is our innovative use of cutting-edge tools and techniques in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Hamza and his team employ state-of-the-art technologies to provide the latest advancements in cosmetic surgery procedures, delivering outstanding results with the utmost precision.

Our clinic practises the highest standards of safety and excellence. We adhere to the strictest protocols to guarantee the well-being of our patients, coupled with a relentless pursuit of exceeding our patients’ expectations. Dr. Hamza’s dedication to ongoing education and training ensures that our clinic stays at the forefront of cosmetic surgery procedures, offering you the top level of care and expertise.

With a passion for beauty and a commitment to your well-being, Dr. Hamza is your partner in enhancing your natural beauty. Explore our cosmetic surgery procedures and discover the transformation you’ve been longing for.

Body Contouring Procedures

Dr. Hamza is a body sculpting specialist known for his expertise in surgical techniques that tighten, trim, lift, and define to create shapelier body contours. Our menu of medical tourism treatments in Malta includes the following body contouring procedures:


Liposuction permanently eliminates stubborn, localised deposits of unwanted body fat, so you can achieve a slimmer physique. The abdomen, back, buttocks, thighs, and upper arms are some of the most common liposuction treatment areas.


Lipomodelling is also referred to as fat grafting or fat transfer. This cosmetic body contouring procedure repurposes unwanted fat from a patient’s body to enhance his or her shape.

Lipomodelling involves fat removal via liposuction from a targeted area of the body to provide a slimming effect and allow for the harvesting of fat cells. The extracted fat cells undergo a rigorous purification process and then are strategically injected to augment and shape the breasts, buttocks, or other area of the body.

Hip Dip Fat Transfer

Dr. Hamza is a top provider of fat grafting to fill hip dips to enhance the shape of the lower body.


Dr. Hamza offers this advanced variation of liposuction to patients who already have a relatively trim figure but desire enhanced definition, such as more chiseled abs and more sculpted arms.

Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck surgery, firms, flattens, and smooths the abdomen. During this procedure, loose, hanging skin is excised, fat is removed, and damage to the abdominal wall can be repaired.

Buttock Fat Transfer

Fat transfer to the buttocks, or fat grafting to the buttocks, is a procedure in which unwanted fat is removed from another area of the body, purified, and repurposed to add volume to the buttocks.

Breast Procedures

Dr. Hamza has the training and experience to transform a woman’s breast profile to achieve her unique aesthetic goals. Breast procedures available through our London-Malta medical tourism service include:

Breast Fat Transfer

Breast lipomodelling, or autologous fat transfer to the breasts, offers women a natural option for breast augmentation.

Breast Reduction and Lift

This combination breast surgery decreases breast volume and elevates the breasts, making it ideal for many women who suffer from enlarged, heavy breasts, as well as having concerns about a low breast position.


Mastopexy, or breast lift surgery, eliminates excess skin and remodels breast tissue to restore a more youthful breast profile.

Face Procedures

Dr. Hamza’s cosmetic surgery expertise extends to facial rejuvenation. He frequently performs a type of facelift known as a “ponytail lift” for qualified patients through his London-Malta medical tourism service.


Ponytail Lift

This minimally-invasive facelift technique minimises the appearance of post-treatment marks while still noticeably tightening and lifting facial tissue. With a ponytail lift, Dr. Hamza makes small, discreet incisions behind the hairline and uses sutures to reposition tissue, so patients can enjoy a more youthful, refreshed look.

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